The ancient art of bonsai (pronounced "bone sigh") began in China some 2300 years ago. Bonsai trees are small living sculptures that are shaped to resemble trees we see in the natural landscapes around us—windswept trees on a coast, survivors clinging to a rocky cliff face, or ancient conifers with dead sun bleached tops that were struck by lightning. Other bonsai evoke images of large stately shade trees, graceful flowering and fruit bearing trees and small groves.

Weiser has about 700 plants of 30 plant genera in various stages of development as bonsai. Examples of his work are divided here into four general categories: Maples, Junipers, Other Deciduous, and Other Conifers.

He specializes in outdoor bonsai species and consigns and sells through six retail nurseries in Oregon. Nursery source weblinks and information on sizes, prices and care are available upon request (

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