Artist Conrad J. (Bud) Weiser began sketching, painting and pottery making some 50 years ago. Today he sculpts stone and living bonsai trees. In the intervening years Bud enjoyed a 33-year academic career as a research scientist, educator and administrator in biology, horticulture, and agriculture at University of Minnesota and Oregon State University (see Academic Bio in PDF form).


The style of Bud's sculpting ranges from realistic to abstract. His works are inspired by the stone, and reflect his love of nature and interest in ancient cultures. He carves with hand tools in alabaster, catlinite (pipestone), chlorite and steatite (soapstone) to create unique and original works of art. He has also cast three bronzes from his stone and clay carvings.

Several Pacific Northwest galleries sell Weiser's stone and bronze sculptures. Links to galleries and information on prices, sizes and availability of these and his other sculptures are available upon request (


Weiser's training in horticulture and his research career in plant hardiness led naturally, some 30 years ago, to a hobby of collecting, designing and training bonsai trees. The hobby evolved into a business when Bud discovered that creating bonsai trees was more intriguing to him than collecting them.

He now has about 700 plants of 30 plant genera in various stages of development as bonsai. Bud specializes in outdoor bonsai species and consigns and sells about 150 plants a year through six retail nurseries in Oregon. Nursery source weblinks and information on sizes, prices and care are available upon request (

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