Different patinas were used to create Pte'-San (Sacred White Buffalo, Lakota), pictured above, and Tatanka (Buffalo, Lakota)—bronze castings from the stone carving of Wakan Tatanka. The Pte'-San and Tatanka bronzes are limited editions of 24.
PTE'-SAN. White buffalo are very rare and highly revered in Native America. They serve as a symbolic reminder of the physical and spiritual sustenance that buffalo provide to the people, and signal a link to the Creator. White Buffalo Calf Woman (Pte'-San Wi) was a powerful spiritual messenger who brought the Sacred Pipe and other important rituals to the Lakota people.
TATANKA. Buffalo were essential to the lives of Native American peoples of the plains. They used all parts of the animal for food, clothing and shelter and honor Tatanka in their songs, prayers and ceremonies. By carving and casting Tatanka and Pte'-San the artist honors the buffalo, the plains peoples and the Dakota prairies where he grew up.